Airsoft Force Tracking


Welcome to the website showing the Airsoft Force Tracking for Android. First, the public, free battlefield management system in local team games. I encourage you to read the description of the following solutions, and offer the same product. It takes the development version of the iPhone. If you want to support our work, please help us raise funds for the Mac.

Actual application version:
This version is available from 2014-04-08, 23:50

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Airsoft Force Tracking overview:

Make a free donation for server maintenance and development of the project
No fees, no subscriptions. The project is maintained by voluntary donations. I would be grateful if you share a small amount to help to maintain servers.


Enjoy privacy!
AFT does not store your private information and does not make money on them! Use of the program without having to worry about your privacy.

  • No account! No passwords! No emails!
  • No unusual powers (reading your text messages, your address book, your emails)
  • Your information will never be sold! No advertiser will position the ads based on your GPS position
  • But, if we can not sell, Support, please the project a voluntary donation ;). We need some way to maintain servers


Share your position on battlefield
Start the program and login to the session to share your position with other players. Your position is marked on the map and compass of each player, and updates are sent every minute.

  • How to check your GPS position


Build-in compass
The built-in compass can be used to navigate to the target. No need to know map coordinates or being able to read the map. Just point the compass needle to the selected target and go ahead.

  • How to navigate with AFT compass


Reports enemy units
Report the enemy's location, direction of movement and multiplicity, simply by marking their position on the map. Allied players will be notified about it immediately.


Plan a strategy based on waypoints
Mark bunkers, hills, vehicles, location of hostages and other key places on the map. Use the waypoints to navigate in the terrain and issue the orders.


Combine player to the team
Having teams allows for better synchonization of separate units on the battlefield, and makes it easier to issue orders to the group of players.

  • What it is 'player mode' and 'team mode'
  • How to switch between player mode and team mode
  • How to create new team
  • How to join to team
  • How to leave team
  • How to remove team
  • How to select player rank in team
  • How to show team details


Add a description for each item on the map
Set the markers name, information about radio channel, role playing descriptions, and other...



Attack, defend, escort, move. Those are different types of orders that can be issued to the players. Use them to organize your battlefield using AFT.


Record the history of the game.
When the game is finished you can download the recording to your computer. Just enter to get your free session record.



Offline maps

Use your own offline maps for free. You can also share maps with your team mates.





Projekt uzyskał wparcie medialne portalu WMASG.PL. Oznacza to, że wybrane przez redakcję newsy publikowane będą na stronie głównej WMASG. Dodatkowo projekt otrzymał przestrzeń na forum witryny maniaków ASG. Ułatwi to dostęp społeczności ASG do założeń i planów rozwojowych projektu, oraz zapewni dogodną formę wypowiedzi, oceny, oraz przedstawiania propozycji które mogą z czasem zostać wdrożone w AFT.