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AFT is dynamically growing, regularly adding new features. I'm looking for companies and teams willing to share their experiences and ideas with me. If you have ideas for new features or scenarios, I'd be happy to discuss them. Feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook. If you use the app in your scenario, I'd be delighted if you tag my profile in your event photos :)

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Situation Awareness

Monitor the movement of units on the map in real-time. Identify allies and enemies. Exploit the advantage provided by battlefield orientation. Plan troop marches. Coordinate unit actions. The map refreshes every minute.

  • Up to 200 players per session
  • Player positions are refreshed every minute
  • Players can choose from a dozen or so classes of the Blue Force Tracking system
  • You can select a player's rank in the chain of command
  • You can define multiple armies for players
  • Armies can be allied or competing against each other
  • Enemy armies do not see their positions on the map
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Navigate teams in the field

You can add any number of waypoints to your gameplay. They will appear on your players' maps if you wish.

  • Use NATO Blue Force Tracking notation
  • You can add any number of markers to your gameplay.
  • You can assign any name to each marker.
  • You can label each marker with a code letter.
  • As an administrator, you can add markers visible to all players, across all armies.
  • Players can also add markers. They will be visible to allies.
  • Dynamically manage the storyline. Mark points on the map and assign tasks using radio communication.
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Manage the battlefield

Players come to your events to spend time actively and interestingly. Make sure each unit has a task. Diversify the entertainment and prevent your players from getting bored during your events.

  • Quickly identify units without tasks.
  • Assign attack orders to units.
  • Indicate to units the objects they are to defend.
  • Define escort orders, prioritizing units.
  • Communicate to units that nearby allies are carrying out special missions.
  • If you need a reaction in a specific location, quickly identify units that are nearby.
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Create your own maps

Independently draw layers using your computer and add them to your gameplay map. All players will be able to toggle the layer with your drawings on and off.

  • Mark no-go zones (e.g., private properties).
  • Identify dangerous areas (cliffs, buildings under demolition, etc.).
  • Mark narrative elements (e.g., minefields, radiation zones).
  • Draw fortification lines, trench outlines, defensive positions.
  • Indicate vehicle movement zones (if you provide heavy equipment, mark areas in the application where pedestrian movement is not allowed).
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Use MGRS coordinates

The application supports locating using both DMS and MGRS coordinates

  • Identify your position (in DMS and MGRS notation).
  • Search for points on the map (in DMS and MGRS notation).
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Scenario - Sabotage

Join a dedicated gameplay session. One army attacks the target, arms the bomb, and covers it until detonation. The other army defends the target and, if necessary, disarms the bomb.

  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Attackers arm the bomb
  • The armed bomb counts down 3 minutes to detonation
  • Defenders can disarm the bomb
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More Scenarios

Airsoft Force Tracking is not only a battlefield management system. It is also a platform for diverse and engaging gameplay. You will find dedicated scenarios here, both for fast-paced deathmatch-style games and calmer, more narrative MilSims.

  • Correspondent Scenario (beta)
  • Honeypot Scenario (beta)
  • Sabotage Scenario (beta)
  • Many other ideas in the pipeline for implementation